Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Kefir Lady

Found this good site on making kefir and there are resources about ordering kefir if you need a way to order it. If you order her kefir, it comes guaranteed and with recipe books and instructions. Good deal! There is a great Q&A also.


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  1. I have failed at trying to find an answer to this question I have about the Kefir I've been making for a month. I was given Kefir grains and everything was going along great until I accidentally grabbed the wrong carton of pasteurized, non-homongenized milk that I meant to throw out ( it had soured) and instead I put about a cup full into my new batch of Kefir, along with another couple of cups of fresh milk. I left the house, came back about 14 hours later, and the jar had about a half cup of yellow liquied floating on top. The whole thing was sour/rotten to taste, and nothing was even beginning to thicken. I immediately rinsed the Kefir grains in cold fresh pateurized milk and then put them into a clean glass container and filled it as I normally do. 20 hours later, and there was nothing happening to indicate Kefir was being made. I removed the grains again, divided them, and started over each in about 2 cups or less of milk. It's been 14 hours....the Kefir has been floating to the top of both jars, but nothing is thickening as of yet. Did I damage the Kefir grains? Any suggestions as what I need to do?


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