Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goat Supply List

Here is a basic list of supplies you will need when you are thinking of getting goats. This list doesn't include the shelter, fencing and milking facility. I will try to update as I update my supplies!

1 or 2 leashes (for leading goat)
Collar (optional) - I just slip my hand in the loop I make with the lead so it isn't too tight on her neck.
Nail clipper or planer - I just bought a drywall planer at Home Depot
2 or 3 water buckets to place around (in shelter, in yard, favorite grazing area)
2 or 3 scrub buckets - for cleaning, caring supplies. These always come in handy.
Free Choice feeders (about 3) - can be made from pvc pipe from home depot.
Scooper or rake for cleaning out wet bedding (I use an old poop scoop from our dog)
Scrub brush to clean feeding bins and water buckets
Broom in dustpan for buildings
Milking Stanchion
Milking strainer and filters (Hoegger's)
Milking bucket with cresent lid (Hoegger's): This is handy but expensive you can use vessels that are glass or stainless steal, just make sure it can take a kick. I use an enamel camp pot that I can disinfect and doesn't react to the acidity in milk.
Canning Jars to store milk in with lids
Brush for grooming
Grain bucket (I use to mix my grain in)
Grain feeder
Hay Rack
Wood spoon for mixing feed

Feed Stuff:
Hay - free choice (the more weeds the better)
Kelp - free choice (sold by Hoegger's)
Soda Bicarbonate (not baking soda - sold by Hoegger's)
Minerals for Goats - free choice (sold by Hoegger's)
Herbal Dewormer (Hoegger's)
Herbal Toner (Hoegger's)
Grain: Can use a cobb mix. If dry mix with molasses or buy wet. I mix my own.
Molasses - if mixing own feed (all natural, unsulphered - Grandma's brand is what I use)
Diamataceous Earth
Diamond V Yeast Culture XP-DFM

Other Misc:
Straw for bedding
Paper towels - for milking shed
Wipes or cleaning solution to clean teats before milking (can buy or make your own)
Teat Dip (buy or make your own)

First Aid Kit:
Hydrogen Peroxide
Steryl Strips or pads


  1. Thank you so much! I needed a good list like this!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. We brought home our goats 3 weeks ago and there was a lot not said about the loose minerals and sodium bicarb and all the other little bits that keep the goats really healthy. I've already made plenty of mistakes! Anyhow I just used you list to help me remember all those little things I still need to get and I'm so glad you put where you got them from. It's a big help!

  3. Where can I get the Diamond V Yeast Culture XP-DFM I have looked every where and can not get it ? Your help is much appreciated. I looked up Hoegger's and they only have the plain XP not the XP-DFM. AOur feed store does not have it and ca not or will notborder it for me. THANK YOU... Marion

  4. I got Diamond V Yeast Culture XP-DFM through Hoegger Goat Supply. They have an 800 number and it might be worth calling and just asking the difference between the two. Check Fiasco Farms also and try emailing Molly if they don't carry it. They are also very helpful. They have a website listed on our links section.

    Here is a link from their website. You could contact them and ask them if they can recommend a distributor in Colorado.

    Hope this helps! Thanks, Mishaun


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